The Trend Is Faux Real


I’m blushingly proud to have been cited in last week’s Wall Street Journal article about the trend in faux lawns and plants in high end residences. I guess you say “faux” when you’re dropping that much on fake turf. I say I design with “outdoor artificial” flowers and plants but I know many clients just google “fake outdoor plants.” Fake is not a dirty word anymore. These are not your nana’s plastic cemetery flowers.

Agreed, it’s not for everyone or every situation. Plenty of people still react to the non-real plant concept as if it requires a polyester pantsuit just to listen. But when it works, it’s soooo easy and makes so much sense for so many uses and lifestyles.

I’ve had many people contact me since the article published. The timing was perfect in that I had recently shipped a job for the very first time. A woman in Austin, TX had these adorable window boxes (the photo above) and a determined attitude, so we trusted each other and made it work. For me it was like sending my children off alone. But she came through like a pro and installed the plants as we planned. The real kick in this is that the WSJ selected her house as one of my two photos in the slide show. Karma anyone?

If you’re interested in adding to your quality of life, if watering/caring for plants makes your hair hurt or if you’re just tired of wasting money then please contact me and let’s see what we can do. If you sign up for my emails you’ll be on the preferred list. Yes, I’m up to something new!

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