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The Trend Is Faux Real

I’m blushingly proud to have been cited in last week’s Wall Street Journal article about the trend in faux lawns and plants in high end residences. I guess you say “faux” when you’re dropping that much on fake turf. I say I design with “outdoor artificial flowers” and plants but I know many clients just google “fake outdoor plants.” Fake is not a dirty word anymore. These are not your nana’s plastic cemetery flowers.

Agreed, it’s not for everyone or every situation.

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You & Me & UV

A recent visit home to New England inspired me to write about what has become an important factor in my life: the UV Index. It was a chilly 58 degrees in Boston, yet the peak UV index was 8. That's high/very high on the scale.

Let me preface the following by saying I was an art major, and therefore allergic to anything regarding science. Thus, I turn to Wikipedia

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I Can Help You Let It Go. Unless It's Red.

We of a certain age realize we really just want to look the best we can, with minimal effort, while we're still vertical. 

I have a killer red dress that's been hanging in my closet for several years now. I deeply, madly love this dress and remember every occasion that I wore it.  But if you coated me in Crisco and dropped me off the roof of a building,

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Lanai Living: Joy By The Numbers

To this transplanted New Englander Joy #1 of Florida living is outdoor dining. Thanks to the climate I'd say there's less than 10 days a year that I don't have my morning coffee on my lanai, and 7 of those days are because it's too cold! I know, it's all relative, but it really does get nippy.

Joy #2 is year-round greenery. Buh-bye Seasonal Affective Disorder! No 50 shades of dreary gray anymore. Green grass 365 days a year is like one giant shag comforter. 

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Implants, Imitations and Begonias.

Let's be real: fake is everywhere. Its in our life whether we want it or not. For the sake of playing nice, let's stay with fake objects and not humans for this. Fake can make our lives easier, prettier, happier and but it can also make it unhealthier, deceitful, uglier. Let's focus on the positive.

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These 4 "S" Words Will Help You Choose The Right Planters For Your Lanai.

While your plants are the stars of the show, the containers are the supporting actors. One can certainly outshine the other but if they are aligned in their performance, the display is superb.

Give careful thought to these 4 planter guidelines before you accessorize your Florida lanai, terrace, entryway or courtyard: 

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