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You & Me & UV

A recent visit home to New England inspired me to write about what has become an important factor in my life: the UV Index. It was a chilly 58 degrees in Boston, yet the peak UV index was 8. That's high/very high on the scale.

Let me preface the following by saying I was an art major, and therefore allergic to anything regarding science. Thus, I turn to Wikipedia

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I Can Help You Let It Go. Unless It's Red.

We of a certain age realize we really just want to look the best we can, with minimal effort, while we're still vertical. 

I have a killer red dress that's been hanging in my closet for several years now. I deeply, madly love this dress and remember every occasion that I wore it.  But if you coated me in Crisco and dropped me off the roof of a building,

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Lanai Living: Joy By The Numbers

To this transplanted New Englander Joy #1 of Florida living is outdoor dining. Thanks to the climate I'd say there's less than 10 days a year that I don't have my morning coffee on my lanai, and 7 of those days are because it's too cold! I know, it's all relative, but it really does get nippy.

Joy #2 is year-round greenery. Buh-bye Seasonal Affective Disorder! No 50 shades of dreary gray anymore. Green grass 365 days a year is like one giant shag comforter. 

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