Realities Of Fake Outdoor Plants

turquoise bromiliad.jpg
green bromiliad.jpg

There's a forest of misconceptions about artificial plants in general, and outdoor rated plants in specific. With rare exception, indoor artificial plants should never be used outdoors, especially in intense UV areas such as Florida. 

Even within the UV protected world, the quality can vary. It's easy to get snookered into craft store products that really aren't protected and quickly turn a crunchy shade of turquoise never found in nature. Case in point: cemetery plants and roadside memorials.

The more UV protection a plant has, the more potential it has to look fake. That's because it's more "plastic" than "silk". But quality manufactured materials can artfully handle high UV exposure, even for multiple years. Viewed as a single stem, some can be really tacky looking, others, like the silk flowers, are life-like. But combined in a creative design and installed professionally, they can make a deceptively realistic presentation. It's not what you've got, but how you use it.

Done properly, no one should look at a container planting and think "oh those are fake plants".

I've spent multiple visits at Disney observing their usage of fake outdoor plants. I buy from the same suppliers. Their needs are commercial, using highly durable plants that are meant to be seen at a distance. Up close, you'd know for sure they were fake. Over time, I've curated a selection of outdoor artificial flowers, greenery and trees for custom residential designs, based on a client's color and texture preferences, existing or new containers and their location, location, location. Some are meant for movie star close-ups. Others for the opposite-side-of-the-pool space. And some are best at the let-me-get-my-distance-glasses range. 

Have an entryway in full sun all day? You need those UV workhorses for your show ponies.

Covered pool lanai? Ooh la la, have you got options!

Everything inbetween is dictated by the amount of sunlight and at what time of day.

If you want to put on a show in your lanai, courtyard, entryway or pool, artificial outdoor plants can perform beautifully. We can do a dress rehearsal with different flowers and greenery, so that there are no surprises.  Then sit back and enjoy the adoration of the crowd.

Paula Doherty