Lanai Living: Joy By The Numbers


To this transplanted New Englander,  Joy Number 1 of Florida Lanai Living is outdoor dining. Thanks to the climate, I'd say there's less than 10 days a year that I don't have my morning coffee on my lanai, and 7 of those days are because it's too cold! I know, it's all relative, but it really does get nippy.

Joy Number 2 is year-round greenery. Buh-bye Seasonal Affective Disorder! No 50 shades of dreary gray anymore. Green grass 365 days a year is like one giant shag comforter. 

Joy Number 3 is the weather. Well, it's not always a joy, but you don't have to shovel it. The sunsets are dazzling, and the summer storms are worth the frizzy hair from May to October. 

Put it all together and you get Joy Number 4: sitting on your lanai on an 82˚ day in February with something flowering and green to greet you. But sometimes Joy Number 4 can turn into Chore Number 1 if you aren't dedicated to plant maintenance. Beauty has its price, and while we're OK with that, we also want results. Hopefully lasting results.

 Wouldn't you like to sit down with your iPad and a glass of chardonnay and see effortless flowering beauty instead of something ratty that you've neglected? I can design you a setting of outdoor artificial flowers and trees that will stay lovely with absolutely no maintenance.

Bring joy into your lanai–and your life–with container plantings that won't lose their looks