Implants, Imitations and Begonias.


Let's be real: fake is everywhere. It's in our life whether we want it or not. For the sake of playing nice, let's stay with fake objects and not humans for this. Fake can make our lives easier, prettier, happier—but it can also make them deceitful,  unhealthier, uglier. Let's focus on the positive.

It's interesting how individuals react to the word "fake". For the most part it's seen as negative, but I think that subconsciously it brings up images of fake used badly. Fake tans. Fake boobs (am I dating myself by calling them falsies?). Fake butter. Fake flowers.

Substitute the word "artificial" for "fake" and we soften that false image. Artificial tears make our dry eyes feel better. Artificial hearts add years to life. Artificial scent makes that bathroom odor anonymous. Artificial flowers support the botanically challenged.

Crank the palatable image of fake up another level with the word "permanent." Permanent eyeliner is a tattooed makeup line. Permanent veneers are teeth created in a lab. Permanent botanicals are creatively manufactured plants that won't die.

Call it what you want, it's still fake. And fake, done well, is unreal.

If you can have something that looks so real that no one would ever guess it's not, and it brings you pleasure and makes your life easier and more productive...would the word "fake" matter?

Change your mindset. Change your lanai. Change your life. Fake outdoor plants are the new reality. We should all be so lucky to keep our looks this long!