I Can Help You Let It Go. Unless It's Red.


We of a certain age realize we really just want to look the best we can, with minimal effort, while we're still vertical. 

I have a killer red dress that's been hanging in my closet for several years now. I deeply, madly love this dress and remember every occasion that I wore it.  But if you coated me in Crisco and dropped me off the roof of a building, I'm not sliding into that dress ever again. Just not going to happen! Once I came to grips with that, I decided to leave it in my closet as a piece of art. Seeing that fabric in the perfect shade of red makes me happy, as I move on to the black pants. The key is, I don't have any obligation to it. I don't have to do anything to it, it just has to exist and make me happy.

This, my friends, is the same concept for plants. 

When I run to Home Depot for supplies to make my container plantings, I always enter through the garden section. I smile when I see all these tropical flowers and trees—and then walk on by.

I've finally let go of my passion for gardening and all the effort it entails. Now I surround myself with incredibly realistic fake plant designs that ask nothing of me. They are there to look lovely and make me happy.  

I can help you let go of something that just doesn't fit you anymore: the endless cycle of time and money required to have lanai plants. It's time to look great with minimal effort. 

Let's start with a free design: sign up for my newsletter and I'll start you on your way to a prettier lanai with outdoor artificial plants. The maintenance? Gone.