5 Ways To Be Productively Lazy


I call it productively lazy. Or should it be selectively productive?

We've all been worker bees for many moons now and it's time to downshift a bit. Still fight the good fight, just don't swing at everything. Use your energy wisely. Aim for zero cleanup. Here are 5 of my favorite things to make life easier yet productive:

Productively Lazy #1: Non-stick Foil

I still "cook" at home most nights, but my kitchen BFF is non-stick aluminum foil on a sheet pan. If I can toss it in olive oil and herbs, spread it on the pan and roast it in the oven—consider it dinner. Then I gleefully crumple up the foil and voila! No cleaning pans. Zero cleanup!

Productively Lazy #2: Foil Pouches on the Grill

Our community pool is constantly cleaned with a wire brush that sheds. Foil pouches enable you to cook and be social without wire filaments in your food. And zero cleanup! Discover some great recipes at: http://www.southernliving.com/dinner/foil-packet-dinners-for-fall

Productively Lazy #3: The Karcher

I have a serious love/hate with the sliding glass doors to the lanai. I love the look of a glass wall and the view beyond it. However, I don't know what the hell comes in with the rain but there's a residual fine black soot all over the place. I've heard various explanations, I know it's not mold, but it's maddening nonetheless. But thanks to a delightfully clean and entertaining Canadian client I've been turned on to the Karcher WV 50 Window Vac. It's like a DustBuster for cleaning windows. Very high on the tidy scale. Check it out on Amazon: http://a.co/0RUYRku

Prodcutively Lazy #4: Amazon Prime.

Bring it to me. I even use their Prime Pantry service now. It's like delegating part of your brain to someone who can keep you from running out of everyday products, or not have to run to Target just for Method hand soap refills. The less I roam around Target, the less I spend AND the less likely I'm going to be hit in a parking lot. I'm just saying!

Productively Lazy #5: Artificial Outdoor Plants

I love plants, I love everything about buying, growing and maintaining plants. But the time has come where it's just too laborious for our lifestyle. Do we really need plants to figuratively cling to our legs crying feed me, water me, clean up after me? Haven't we been there, done that? Or are still doing that (hubbies, are you listening)?

Why not walk up to your door or out to your pool or onto your lanai and have something really pretty to look at that asks nothing from you? Something that was custom designed just for the sole purpose of making you look and feel good? 

I think that's selectively brilliant.

Cycas + white cyclamen.jpg

Be brilliant with container plantings that won't lose their looks. I can guide you through the world of high end outdoor permanent botanicals and design something just for you. Come home to lasting beauty. 

Paula Doherty