Today's Artificial Outdoor Plants: Not Your Nana's Fake Cemetery Flowers

There's an understandable yuck factor about the word "fake." Forgery, counterfeit, bogus, imitation, false, phony... or the 5 -star vocab words of spurious and ersatz. When used in the context of counterfeit money, bogus claims, forged artwork, phony address, imitation cheese or false promises, it's not a pretty picture. Fake outdoor flowers? Instant cemetery visions of plastic plants in hallucinatory colors.

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These 4 "S" Words Will Help You Choose The Right Planters For Your Lanai.

While your plants are the stars of the show, the containers are the supporting actors. One can certainly outshine the other but if they are aligned in their performance, the display is superb.

Give careful thought to these 4 planter guidelines before you accessorize your Florida lanai, terrace, entryway or courtyard: 

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