Where do the materials come from? Am I buying something ready made or custom made?

What if I don't have my own pottery? Or I don't like what I have?

How do I care for my plants?  How does this all work?

Sample: clematis.jpg

The Product

I really have looked far and wide for the best of the best.

Every shipment was a Pandora's box of product...some amazed me and others were laughably awful. In the same box! I've tested every one on my own lanai to make sure it didn't fade, melt, get crunchy or turn some hallucinatory color not found in nature.

It's been a fascinating journey into the world of handcrafted artificial plants. One supplier can make the daintiest maidenhair fern yet the skankiest Boston fern. Trees and large plants are real specialty: I have 8 that have made the cut.

These are outdoor plants. Let it rain. If need be, spritz them with a garden hose.

You have to be a fake plant rock star to be in my show.


The Pots

Planters, pottery, pots...they are the shoes to the dress.

You can go all Jimmy Choo with glazed ceramic or Stuart Weitzman with classic fiberglass, as long as they are the proper size and scale to the space. Don't make the mistake of having puny pots on a spacious lanai. It's like flip flops to a snowsuit.

I can help you avoid throwing good money at bad choices. Your containers are going to showcase your beautiful plants, so make them a statement piece.

And before you go off to the local supplier, check with me. The rumor is true—I pass along discounts. I also have to-the-trade resources to give you even more choices.  

Let's get you some show ponies!


The Procedure

Each planting is custom designed using handcrafted products and professionally installed. Expert guidance. Guaranteed to please.  Consultations are free and so are the estimates. You can send me a photo and I will draw in what I think you should do, and what it might cost to do it.

The really, really great thing about LanaiScapes is how simple it is.

Your plants are secured in a pot that easily lifts in and out of the mother planter. If you are a seasonal resident, this is where you get giddy! C'mon down, open up your place, put the flowers out. Instant oasis with no upkeep. Zippo. Like having permanent eyeliner...one less thing to primp. When you are ready to head north, lift them out and store them. Love it!!

They will last for several years or more, depending on the specific plants and their sun exposure. Rain is a non-issue. Drought is a non-issue. Neatness is a non-issue.

All of the beauty, none of the bother.